What to eat to recover faster from training

By Aaron Finn (Head Nutrition Tutor)

I want you to keep in mind when we’re fueling after training, we have to look at repairing and recovering the body from the training session we just completed and in relation to what we’re going to have to do later on that day for example if we have double training sessions or how it’s going to impact our training session the following day.

So when we’re fueling our post training window we’re always keeping an eye on the future.


The big question you should be asking is…

How much carbohydrates should I be eating after training?

I’m sure this is a question you having been looking for an answer too, and today your going to get it.

The main things we need to consider are we getting in enough carbs to replenish are glycogen stores (carbs stored in the muscle) so we can be ready to train again the next day or even the same day if you an athlete who have multiple session a day.

A rule of thumb that you can follow is to consume 0.75 grams per kg body weight within the first hour of completing a training session.

For example if we take a 69kg athlete , they will need to consume

69kg x 0.75g = 51.75 grams of carbs after training.

I typically recommend going for fast absorbing carbs in liquid form like milk or fruit smoothies, juices etc.

This way you can hit your carbs needs and start to rehydrate yourself too, tackling two things at once. Liquid foods can also take the pressure off your digestion is your training late in the day close to bed time. Another reason why I love refueling with liquid options is because there are easy to consume if you are driving/commuting  from training back home.


The second big question we need to ask ourselves is…

How much protein do I really need after training?

This is a question that’s always up for debate, and today we are going through exactly how much you need.

You need to consume 0.25 grams per kg of body weight as soon as possible after your training.

For example if we take a 78kg athlete , they will need to consume

78kg x 0.25g = 19.5 grams of protein after training.

I typically recommend going for fast absorbing protein foods in liquid form like a protein shake made on milk.

This way you can hit your protein needs and some of your hydration need also.

IF you are really looking to be efficient with your post training recovery fueling you can combine your protein and carbs together. A protein shake made on milk is a great way to do this. Not only are you hydrating yourself but you are also getting in your carbs & protein all at the same time.

That’s a win win in my eyes, especially if you’re an athlete with a jammed packed schedule like myself.