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Course Format

Level 4 Nutrition Course 1

The course learning content is completed via online video tutorials and Downloadable E-Books. The course is assessed via assignments, there are no exams.


Level 4 Nutrition Course 2

Course Tutor – Aaron Finn (Msc) 

Your tutor on hand to support throughout the course will be our Head of Nutrition, Aaron. You will have a welcome call with Aaron at the start of the course and he will talk you through the process. Aaron will also be on hand to support through an any stage you need assistance during the course.

Course Content

Throughout the course you will learn;

  • Nutritional requirements for a healthy diet,
  • The effect of diet on health and the importance of hydration. 
  • Sources functions and used of macro and micro nutrients
  • Dietary sources of macro and micro nutrients
  • Physiological functions of macro and micro nutrients
  • Hydration, dietary requirements and food choices of individuals throughout life
  • Components of energy consumption and expenditure
  • Energy, hydration and nutrient requirements at different lifetime stages
  • Factors that affect nutrient requirements in relation to social, cultural, religious and ethnic groups
  • Legislation as it relates to labelling and advertising of food
  • Food labelling requirements
  • Legal requirements in relation to health claims and nutrition claims
  • Relationship between diet and disease
  • Possible dietary influences for different groups


Upon completion students will receive a Level 4 Award in Nutrition. OFQUAL Qualification Number: 600/6873/5

This course is also CIMSPA Approved 

This depends how how many hours you can commit per week. Duration is flexible but we will aim to help you to complete within 8 weeks

No previous Qualification is required. 

There are no prior entry requirements.

This course is particularly relevant for people working in the health and  fitness professions who may have a role in the promotion of healthy eating or the preparation of meals, menus and diets. 

It is also suitable for those who work in areas such as health-care or catering but feel nutrition knowledge would benefit their current job role.

You will have the option to add an additional module at a later date to add a specialisation in Sport Nutrition which will provide an additional Level 4 Certificate. This will be released this summer and you would only need to pay for an additional module (cost TBC)

You can pay the £599 course fee upfront or over 12 months via Payl8r. Apply for payment plans at checkout or get in touch for an application