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29th June

Course Reviews

"As always course was very well run. John is a credit to the Uni Learning team. He is very hands on which I like as it is how I learn best. If we have a question he provides a more that’s adequate answer and or solution. Since doing the cupping course I have used it on numerous clients I had over the weekend and their past experiences with cupping haven’t been great. I applied my knowledge and those prejudgments before went away as they felt like cupping was now preformed correctly. This is due to what I learned on the course."
Cupping Therapy CPD 1
Christopher Mallon
"I really enjoyed the course. I liked it that much I have now applied for the taping course at the end of the month. The instructor John was very good at his job, demonstrating and showing us all the different ways to use the cups. I learned a lot on that day course, he also showed and explained form sports massage techniques that will be very beneficial in my studio that I have only set up. After the taping course I will also be doing the intense level 4 sports massage course next summer!"
Cupping Therapy CPD 2
Stephen Lawrence
"I completed the Dry Cupping Therapy CPD course, with Harry in Uni Learning. Similar to John, Harry had fantastic knowledge in the area and both teachers provided a very relaxed, enjoyable and comfortable learning environment which allowed for the opportunity to ask questions throughout. This CPD course took place over 1 day in Belfast and similar to the Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy Course, it was very much practical based learning. I enjoyed attending and met others in both similar and different fields. It was very interesting to find out where each person was going to use their Dry Cupping (from Reflexologists, Physiotherapy Students and qualified Physiotherapists as well as other Sports Massage Therapists etc).
Paula McElwee
"I really enjoyed the course and the fact it was mostly hands on. Tutor was excellent and happy to answer any questions. I plan to offer cupping along sports massage in my business @Rocovery Sports Massage. I am keen to develop my skills further with more CPD."
Cupping Therapy CPD 3
Roisin Kelly