Level 4 Sports Nutrition Certificate

Fully online, Accredited Nutrition Coaching Qualification

Course overview

This course educates students on the nutritional requirements for a healthy diet, the effect of diet on health and the importance of hydration. These principles are then applied to fulfilling the dietary requirements for physical activity and sport and helping clients improve their performance in their given sport. 

Course information

For the full detailed course breakdown you can also download our course prospectus

No previous qualifications required for entry. 16 years +

Principles of Nutrition

  • Nutritional requirements for a healthy diet,
  • The effect of diet on health and the importance of hydration. 
  • Sources and functions and used of macro and micro nutrients
  • Physiological functions of macro and micro nutrients
  • Hydration, dietary requirements and food choices of individuals throughout life
  • Components of energy consumption and expenditure
  • Energy, hydration and nutrient requirements at different lifetime stages
  • Factors that affect nutrient requirements in relation to social, cultural, religious and ethnic groups
  • Legislation as it relates to labelling and advertising of food
  • Legal requirements in relation to health claims and nutrition claims
  • Relationship between diet and disease
  • Possible dietary influences for different groups

Sports Nutrition 

  • Assessing requirements for different sports
  • Developing optimal hydration guidelines
  • Carbohydrate periodisation
  • The relationship between nutrition and physical activity
  • Identify energy expenditure and nutrient use for different physical activity
  • How to estimate energy requirements based on physical activity levels and other factors
  • Develop a nutritional strategy for participants to improve performance
  • Evaluate the use of performance enhancing products and sports drinks in nutritional planning for participants in sports and physical activity

As you can study around your own schedule, you also dictate the course duration. You can complete within 8 weeks or take up to one year, whatever suits you and your schedule. An average completion time is around 12 weeks if studying part time. 

We have went above beyond the course prospectus by creating additional content that we know will benefit you in the practical application of what you learn throughout the course. This includes;

  • Behaviour change coaching
  • Nutrition for gut health 
  • Meal planning
  • Nutrition for Fat loss
  • Nutrition for muscle gain

Upon completion students will receive a Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity and Sport.  Awarding organisation: Royal Society for Public Health

The course learning content is completed via online video tutorials and Downloadable E-Books. The course is assessed via assignments, there are no exams.

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One to one support: Your tutor on hand to support throughout the course will be our Head of Nutrition, Aaron. He will be on hand to support you at any stage you need assistance. Aaron is a performance Nutritionist and will also provide mentorship on how to implement your learning into your business.

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This depends how how many hours you can commit per week. Duration is flexible but we will aim to help you to complete within 6-8 weeks, but you can take up to 6 months if you need


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