Level 4 Strength and conditioning

Stand out from the crowd with an accredited strength and conditioning Qualification

In the field of Strength and Conditioning it is vital to check the accreditation of any course you are considering. There are many courses out there which may be great in terms of content but the recognition of their ‘Certification’ may not be as great.

S+C Employers will look for Accredited Qualifications such as our OFQUAL Regulated Level 4 course. This also offers a good progression route on toward the UKSCA Certification which is the Gold Standard S+C Qualification in the UK.

Our Head Tutor on the course, Andy Tsang is also an Accredited UKSCA Coach and Member.

Strength and Conditioning 1
Course Tutor - Andy Tsang (MSc, UKSCA)
Strength and Conditioning 2

Develop your coaching ability

Programming and Periodisation

Learn how to develop periodised programmes for athletes and clients from different backgrounds and sports

Olympic Weightlifting

Learn how to safely and effectively perform and instruct olympic lifts including clean and jerk, snatch and deadlift

Speed, Agility and Plyometrics

Learn how to test and develop speed and agility for a range of performance based goals as well as using plyomotrics to improve performance

Fitness, strength, power Testing

Learn multiple methods of testing for various performance outputs and which tests are most applicable to your client/sport