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Personal Training and Fitness Coaching Students

Reviews 1

Mosa Kambule

Personal Training Graduate

“I became a fully qualified PT through Uni Learning, Firstly passing my Level 2 fitness instructor then moving on to pass my Level 3 Personal Training course. I’m glad I decided to complete my courses with Uni Learning as they provided quality information that was easy to digest. They also had patience with me and constantly took their time to help me when I needed it. I highly recommend them.”

Reviews 2

Rachel Taggart

PT and Strength and Conditioning Graduate

“Uni Learning made completing the L2 Fitness instructing and L3 Personal training courses very straightforward. The online information and assessments were great for checking knowledge and I was able to learn everything I need to know to design and deliver training sessions/programmes. The online aspect was very informative and it was great to have the tutors on hand for any queries. The course made me feel confident to take on clients for personal training and therefore I have expanded my business to include this.”

Reviews 3

Ethan Savage

PT + Strength and Conditioning Graduate

“The blended learning method of completing courses is a great way to cover things at your own pace. If you already have a job and want to balance qualifications, you can jump in and out of the work you submit as part of your course, which makes things really easy to keep on top of. Being able to book your exams as and when you need/want to do them is also a huge help, because you’re never under any pressure to cram or put your self under any unnecessary stress!”

Reviews 4

Polly Anna Silva

Personal Training Graduate + Strength and Conditioning Student

“I’m happy to say I really liked doing the Personal Training Diploma with Uni learning. They had excellent material to study with, amazing support from the head office to the tutor team. Very professional approach to teaching us how to work in health & fitness industry. I am m very satisfied with Uni learning and would highly recommend them and will use in the future again.”

Reviews 5

Laura Withers

Personal Training Graduate

“I completed both my Level 2 and Level 3 Personal Training with Uni Learning. The part time learning suited me as I was still working full time alongside my learning. The coursework so interesting and I enjoyed both the classroom learning and practical learning at the gym. Our course instructor was very knowledgeable. I met good friends who I am still in contact with now and we shared a great journey together throughout the course. I am now working as a Self-Employed Personal Trainer, approx 25-30 hours a week across two local gym’s. Thanks to Uni Learning for helping me with this journey, highly recommended”
Reviews 6

Lisa-Jane Patrick

Personal Training Graduate

“I completed my Level 2 & 3 personal training course with Uni Learning almost 2 years ago. Having this course has allowed me to do something I am extremely passionate about, allowing me to help change the lives of many but it also changed my life. Within 1 year of completing the course I left my job and took my business full time, within 2 years I now have a successful and respected business that I built from scratch in a town away from home. Grateful for the team at Uni Learning for helping and supporting me through my journey.”

Sports Massage and Therapy Students

Reviews 7

Susan Vennard

Sports Massage Graduate

“I enrolled on the intensive level 3 sports massage course with Uni Learning and all I can say is that it definitely did not lack or disappoint! What a fantastic course! 2 weeks of well laid out and explained learning, hands on experience in an informal and fun environment.  Lots of laughs and banter, along with lots of learning! Completing level 3 and my CPD in dry cupping, has given me the confidence to take the plunge and start my own therapy business from home, which is gaining momentum nicely! All in all this course is a fantastic course and highly recommended! Thanks!”

Reviews 8

Robbie McDaid

Level 3 Sports Massage

“I thoroughly enjoyed studying with Uni Learning and cannot recommend them highly enough for providing in depth knowledge taught in a relaxing and friendly environment.

The support and mentoring throughout the duration of the course from the tutors in class and online was so reassuring and insightful into the world of health and fitness. The online resources and questionnaires were brilliant in helping me understand and learn different techniques and skills that I could bring into my practical lessons. The flexible hours for studying are a massive bonus as I was able to work it around my other career and it made work and study in tandem very manageable.”

Reviews 9

Ryan Dempsey-Jenkins

Level 3 Sports Massage

““I have always had an interest in recovery and injury rehab. This course gave me a great insight into what it takes to ensure the body is taken care of when getting put through it’s paces! John is an excellent tutor and a wealth of knowledge! High level of detail and education with the course! Would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to begin a career in sports massage!”

Reviews 10

Lauren Bradley

Sports Massage and CPD Graduate

“I wanted to progress down a sport therapy path and this course gave me more of an insight and knowledge in the body’s different systems, all muscle groups and new techniques to get the best result for the client. The course was really enjoyable and John made everyone feel at ease and helped with any issues when needed, there was a range of students in my course from new beginners to others with some background also. At the end of the course there was also advice given on the business sides of things, which I find in most courses is forgotten about ie: pricing/ insurance etc. Highly recommend!”

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