Certificate in Athletic Performance Coaching and Development

Online CPD Course




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The Certificate in Athletic Performance Coaching and Development is an Online CPD Course which will develop your knowledge of Performance Testing, Performance Development, Sports Specific coaching, testing and monitoring Athlete’s Development and much more. See below for course content.

How does the course work?

Course Modules

  • Role of the coach
  • Coaching relationships
  • Information gathering, questionnaires etc
  • Screening procedures
  • Performance needs analysis
  • Motor patterns & skills
  • Biomechanics
  • Different training modalities
  • Risk stratification
  • How to test an athlete reliably & consistently
  • Testing for cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, strength, power
  • Technologies
  • Periodisation of testing
  • Logistics of testing (team sport context)
  • How to read the results
  • Training Principles (endurance, speed, power etc)
  • Energy systems development (aerobic & anaerobic)
  • Recovery & fatigue
  • Tracking & monitoring fatigue/recovery
  • Use of Technologies
  • Monitoring Athletes well being
  • Principles of Periodisation
  • Program design (season cycles, gender differences)
  • Sports specific programming
  • Sport specific templates

Course Fee




This course is suitable for anyone looking to further their knowledge of Sports/Athletic Coaching and Development and apply to their clients or sports teams.

There are no entry requirements for this course

You will get a CPD Certification acknowledging your successful completion of the course

Approximate completion time is 8 hours including video lectures and reading content