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Sports conditioning is concerned with evaluating the physical and  technical demands of a particular sport. Using this analysis, you’ll be able to design safe and effective training and exercise programmes that increase performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Conditioning programmes will commonly include activities that promote muscular strength, endurance and aerobic capacity. They are also key with regards to increasing power and motor skills such as power, speed and agility.

This course is designed for fitness professionals who recognise the importance of strength and conditioning and who are keen to help athletes and teams alike to gain that crucial, competitive edge.

Sport and athlete profiling:

  • Movement and energetic analysis
  • Setting and realistic and achievable goals
  • Systematic approach to breaking down complex movements

Sports-specific warm up and cool down:

  • Planning and teaching sports-specific warm ups
  • Planning and teaching sports-specific cool-downs
  • Suggested routines for teams and individuals

Motor skill training:

  • Importance and function of motor skills in sports conditioning
  • Neural influences of motor skill training
  • Plyometric training
  • SAQ training
  • Reactive training

Cardiovascular conditioning:

  • Planning and teaching sports-specific CV programmes
  • Adapting advanced approaches for CV training to sports

Resistance training for sports:

  • Planning and teaching sports-specific resistance training programmes
  • Adapting advanced approaches for resistance training to sports

The course can be completed remotely via our online learning portal or paper based using our course manuals.

You will complete a case study based on a sport of your choice

This course can be started straight away upon booking.

Course fee – £300 (Limited time offer)

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